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HaKaras HaTov

Written by Michael Froimowitz
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 16:59
2010 High Holiday Marquis with President Michael Froimowitz and Vice-President Binyamin Fleischmann
I just want to pass on my appreciation to Rabbi Durani and the whole Ritual Committee, who worked to make the tefilot on the Yamim Noraim so meaningful.  I really thought that Cantor Zev Guttman and Jordan Lee Wagner did a wonderful job to make the services spiritual and to involve the congregation.  And thank you also goes to Zak Drapkin, who manned the solari Machzor that kept us all on the same page, even when piyutim got skipped.

Thanks are also due to all the many volunteers who worked to bring the Shul to high holiday readiness: switching the parochet, torah scroll covers, and bima cover to white;  unpacking and switching the books, first to the Rosh Hashanah machzorim and then to the Yom Kippur machzorim and finally back;  polishing up the Ark;  stocking up on kipot for guests; bringing in Russian Jewish calendars for New Americans; etc.  So many people spontaneously joined in when Rabbi Durani asked for workers that I can't even list them all.  It really showed our community's fine spirit.

Thanks also to Beri Gilfix for bringing the flowers that graced the sanctuary; and to Benyomin Fleischmann, who constructed an enlarged women's section on the main floor to accomodate the increased attendance. 

And a hearty Yasher Koach to Dr. David and Tsila Sloane and the entire Sloane Family for hosting Cantor Guttman, and to all the families who hosted the cantor for meals, personally escorted him from and to the airport, and demonstrated our warm Adams Street Family hospitality.

It was all beautiful and meaningful.  Yasher Koach, one and all!

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