Nonantum Eruv
The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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The Nonantum Eruv... an extension of The Greater Boston Eruv.  On the map, the yellow area is within the Nonantum Eruv.  The area south of the Mass Pike is within the Greater Boston Eruv.  They are connected in four places.

To check the status of the eruv, see the red box on the left below.  To check without visiting the Internet, call 781-446-9797 for a recorded message.  If the recording does not mention the Nonantum extension, its status is the same as that of The Greater Boston Eruv.

What's an Eruv?

How do I use the Eruv?

Where can I carry across the Pike?

How do I carry between the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Newton Corner and the Adams Street Shul?

Map of the Noantum Eruv, in Newton Massachusetts

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Most people don't think of The Nonantum Eruv as a weekly event, but providing it is very much a weekly event. Just as we work behind the scenes to provide a Kiddush, a Third Meal, and a Torah Reader; so too do we maintain the eruv.

  • Every Thursday afternoon, two specially trained employees inspect the entire boundary of the eruv and call in repair orders.

  • Every Friday, an electrician with a basket truck is on retainer to make any needed repairs.

  • Finally, the status message (which you can see on this page and hear at 781-446-9797 on Friday afternoons) is updated.

This process ensures that our eruv is "up" almost every Shabbat.

The Adams Street Synagogue offers sponsorship of The Nonantum Eruv each Shabbat for three chai ($54).  Sponsoring this weekly service of the shul is similar to sponsoring a Kiddush or Third Meal. 

Your contribution enables more people to participate in our Shabbat services, and encourages people to join our Nonantum Jewish community. It is an opportunity to honor an individual, memorialize a loved one, or celebrate a simcha.

To reserve a date, claim it on the calendar, or email us at , or call us at 617-630-0226.

Eruv Status

For eruv status,
on Friday afternoon.

To check the status of the eruv without visiting the Internet, call 781-446-9797 for a recorded message. 

You can make a donation right now, using a credit card, electronic check, or the balance in your PayPal account.

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