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Greater Bostons First Annual Pre-Purim Drinking Contest with Rabbi Shlomo YaffeDid you miss the wonderful (and entertaining) Torah Thoughts presented March 8th, at Greater Boston's First Annual Pre-Purim Drinking Contest?

Well not anymore! 

You can watch Rabbi Weinberg's and Rabbi Yaffe's Pre-Purim Presentations in the video below. 

You can also read or print Rabbi Yaffe's handout

The contents of the video are as follows:



Welcome & Insights
by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

Rabbi Yaffe's Commentary:
4:00   Bad Beginnings; or Why we say “L’Chayim”.
(with beer #1, dried apricots, and fontina cheese)
7:15   What we can learn from what a drunkard couldn’t learn
(with beer #2, almonds, and chedaar cheese)
10:28   “Happy Hour” in the days of the Judges
(with beer #3, smoked cheese and brie, on crackers)
14:18   The Secret of “70”
(with beer #4, hummus, goat's milk cheese, and feta cheese)
18:00   Of Mice and Men (drinking beer) – and a few key Kashrut concepts
(with beer #5 and chocolate-covered expresso beans)
23:19   The Talmudic Tap - beer that we don’t have here
(with beer #6, lady fingers, and cheddar cheese)
27:37   Moderation (sometimes) among the Chassidim of yore
(with beer #7, figs, plums, and gouda cheese)
28:57   A Very Happy Drunk at the Kol Nidrei Services
(with beer #8, smoked salmon, and camembert)  
33:30   Passing up Liquor on Passover
(with beer #9 and Roquefort cheese)
36:25   Day the Rabbi finally got Drunk – Thank G-d!
(with beer #10 and raisins)
41:53   A very, very strange religious obligation – part 1
(with beer #11, blueberries, raspberries,blackberries, lady fingers, and gouda cheese)
47:17   A very, very strange religious obligation – part 2
(with beer #12, cream cheese, and cheesecake!)

See it before Purim!

If you are interested in the details of the beer-tasting per se, you can listen to the audio recording of Benyomin Fleischmann and Jordan Lee Wagner as they kick-off the event and explain the mechanics of the contest to the participants, just before the first of the rabbinic presentations. 


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