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The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Nachas Notes

Happy Birthday to Dafna Hayman
Happy birthday to Rose Mazansky, November 5th.
Happy birthday to Beth Drapkin, on November 7th.
Happy Birthday to Hilary Rosen! (November 8th)
Happy Anniversary to Aviva Cheses and Scott Wasserman! (November 14)
Happy birthday, Moshe Yehudah Sloane, on November 16. (His Hebrew birthday is Cheshvan 14.)
Happy Birthday to Cantor Yehuda Gutwein (on November 20th)!
Happy Birthday to Jordan Lee Wagner! (November 21 and 17 Kislev)
Happy birthday to Ilai Leib Hayman!
Happy birthday to Yehuda Meir Kulchitsky, grandson of Lloyd Cohen, and son of Zissi and Dovid Kulchitsky of Crown Heights, NY. (December 9 and 2 Tevet)
Happy Anniversary to Meir Lakein and Orit Kent! (Dec. 10)
Happy Birthday to Joshua Missaghi! (December 13)