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2015 beer tasting tiny Twenty-five people participated in our second annual Pre-Purim Melavah Malkah and Beer-Tasting Contest, which was held February 28, 2015.

Rabbi Norbert Weinberg welcomed everyone, and then Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe delivered eight lessons, one to introduce each beer.  Each of his topics was inspired by the location of the brewery or of the origin of that style of beer.  

    The videos below include the following presentations:

  • Rabbi Weinberg Introduces Rabbi Yaffe
  • Italy and the Jews
  • Pachad Yitzchak and the Wages of Drunkenness
  • Russia and the Jews
  • The New World in Jewish Thought
  • Germany and Jewish Mysticism
  • Britain and the Jews
  • The Kabbalah of Beer
  • Beer, Hops, and Bitterness as a Mystical Metaphor




Here is the Source Text for The Kabbalah of Beer:

Tanya Chapter 27:

It is concerning this that Job said, "Thou hast created wicked men"— not that they shall actually be wicked, G-d forbid, but that they shall share the temptations of the wicked in their thoughts and meditations alone and that they shall eternally wage war to avert their minds from them in order to subdue the sitra achra;  yet they would not be able to annihilate it completely, for that is accomplished by the tzaddikim.

For there are two kinds of gratification before Him, blessed be He: 

one, from the complete annihilation of the sitra achra and the conversion of bitter to sweet and of darkness to light, by the tzaddikim

the second, when the sitra achra is subdued whilst it is still at its strongest and most powerful and soars like an eagle, whence the Lord brings her down through the effort of the benonim below.

This is indicated in the verse, "And make me delicacies such as I love."  The word ma-ta'amim ("delicacies") is in the plural, to indicate two kinds of gratification, and the words are those of the Shechinah to her children, the community of Israel, as explained in the Tikunim

The analogy is to material food, where there are two kinds of relishes: one of sweet and luscious foods, and the other of tart or sour articles of food which have been well spiced and garnished so that they are made into delicacies to quicken the soul.

This is what is alluded to in the verse, "The Lord hath made everything for His sake; also the wicked unto the day of evil," meaning that the wicked man shall repent of his evil and turn his evil into "day" and light above, when the sitra achra is subdued and the glory of the Holy One, blessed be He, is brought forth on high.

WeinbergRabbi-and-Susan-inIsrael 2014-05-18 04.30.38This picture was taken at Machane Yehuda, the famous marketplace in Jerusalem.  Although Susan and I are here for only a short time, every minute is precious. 
Our Chamula (the Arab word we have adopted for clan) is growing by leaps and bounds.  My grandson, Gershon Rossman, is engaged; and we took him and his lovely fiancé out last night.  My granddaughter, Nomi Magence, is expecting any minute and we hope she will have the baby before we leave.  The streets and malls are filled with happy people and I believe that this is as close to Gan Eden as one can get in this world!
With all this, we still miss our extended family in Newton and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Shalom .... Rabbi and Susan Weinberg"

WeinbergRabbi 150x200This Saturday is the Shabbat before Purim and it is known as Shabbat Zachor (the Sabbath of Remembrance). The special reading from the second Torah describes the unprovoked attack upon us when we were leaving Egyptian bondage. Amalek attacked the rear of the camp where the women and children were encamped. Haman, of Purim infamy, was a direct descendant of Amalek.

Please be aware that hearing this chapter from the Torah is one of the 613 commandments for which every Jew is responsible. Please arrange to be in the synagogue (no later than 9:30 A.M.) to observe this mitzvah.

Contingent upon hearing this reading is the need for our constant awareness and resolve to fight and destroy Amalek. We have an abundance of them today. Let us stand with Israel which is in the forefront of this battle and never waver until all vestiges of Amalek are destroyed and all men and women will live in peace and harmony as G-d has intended for us.

Greater Bostons First Annual Pre-Purim Drinking Contest with Rabbi Shlomo YaffeDid you miss the wonderful (and entertaining) Torah Thoughts presented March 8th, at Greater Boston's First Annual Pre-Purim Drinking Contest?

Well not anymore! 

You can watch Rabbi Weinberg's and Rabbi Yaffe's Pre-Purim Presentations in the video below. 

You can also read or print Rabbi Yaffe's handout


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