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Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Israelites crossing the red seaThis week's Torah portion contains the "Song of the Sea", led by Miriam and sung by B’nei Israel upon their deliverance from the Egyptians, when the Red Sea split to allow them to pass and then drowned their pursuers. Hence this Shabbat is designated as Shabbat Shira.

Our sages tell us that the birds in the sky joined our ancestors in their singing; for this reason it is customary to put out food for the birds for this Shabbat. (To avoid the possibility of transgressing the laws of Shabbat, the food should be put out before Shabbat candle lighting.)

TorahScrollTwo events almost concurred recently. The first was the start of Sefer Shemot (Book of Exodus) in the weekly Torah cycle, inaugurating the drama of the growth of B’nei Yisrael and their rescue by G-d from Egyptian slavery.  The second was the secular New Year, initiating 2008. These two events almost concurred, but didn’t truly overlap, which provides us, individually and collectively, with an opportunity – perhaps two opportunities – to ask ourselves some questions.

How do we tell time?

recipies.gifLooking for something new to sweeten your Yom Tov table? 

Try one of these recipes:

jewish time and calendarCalendars are to me a deep and fascinating subject.  Here is an introduction to the Jewish calendar, designed for readers who are most familiar with the Christian one.


Ohr Someach