The Three Weeks
The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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This video provides motivation, understanding, and — best of all — a practical method for reducing or even eliminating Lashon Hara.  If you've tried and failed before,  if you've made great resolutions only to be disappointed in yourself later,  this detailed, step-by-step program may give you the power to finally control your powers of speech and transform yourself.

Mr. Charley Harary's presentation was part of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation's 2014 worldwide Tisha B'Av event, entitled The Last Tisha B'Av.  The Adams Street Shul presents this video by the kind permission of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

HararyCharlieMr. Charlie Harary, Esq. is the CEO of H3 Capital LLC, a private equity company based in New York.  He is also an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business in Yeshiva University. Mr. Harary is a prolific speaker who has traveled all over the country and abroad.  He has created dozens of videos that have received worldwide attention, reaching hundreds of thousands of people in over fifteen countries.


Founded in 1989, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation develops innovative methods of promoting the Torah's wisdom on human relations and personal development, increasing goodness and compassion in the World.