Rabbi Burger's Handout -
print it and refer to it during the class

MP3 Audio Files:

Beri introduces Rabbi Burger

Rabbi Burger introduces his topic

Rabbi Burger dedicates this class
to the memory of Rivka's mother

Rabbi Burger teaches about Pesach
and Rabbi Nachman's understanding of the Fall and its repair

(covers the first three sources on the handout, 8.3 MB)

Rabbi Burger discusses practical aspects of chametz
and the complications introduced by this year's calendar

(5.0 MB)

Rabbi Burger explains Rabbi Nachman's
understanding of Chametz

(Covers the last two sources on the handout, 9.3 MB)

Questions Afterward


Rabbi Ariel Burger's Pre-Pesach Class
was given Sunday evening April 17, 2005
at the Adams Street Shul.