Other Classes
The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Siyum on
Mashechet Chagiga,
Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

(29 minutes; MP3 audio file: 8 MB)

Topics Covered:

  •  First Adar versus Second Adar
  •  Taanis Esther
        in relation to other Fast Days
  •  Shabbat Zachor: Remembering Amalek
  •  The Four Mitzvot of Purim:
        Hearing the Megillah
        Matanot Levyonim (charity)
        Mishloach Manot (gift-giving)
        The Purim Seudah
  •  No Hallel: Purim vs. Chanukah
  •  Public Displays of Mourning
  •  Reading the Megillah
  •  The Seudah (Festive Meal)



Rabbi Weinberg's remarks were delivered on Tuesday evening, May 29, 2007.


Ohr Someach