Special Purpose Funds
The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Your support can help in so many different ways!

Make Good Things Happen!

wherever a donation is most needed

donate shul 150x113 paypal DonateButton Let the Treasurer decide where your support can do the most good.  Guaranteed to make a difference.  Click the image to make a donation.

The Torah Repair Fund

maintains our scrolls and ritual objects

donate torah 150x113 paypal DonateButtonKeep our Torah scrolls and their garments in good repair; also fix or replace mezzuzahs, taleisim, and other ritual objects as needed.  

The Cantorial Fund

hires a Cantor for the High Holidays

donate cantorial 150x113 paypal DonateButton Enhance the ruach (spirit) of our services by bringing a Cantor from outside the congregation to lead services on high holidays.

The Israel Bonds Fund

purchases Israel Bonds for the Shul 

donate israel 150x113 paypal DonateButton Whenever $500 accumulates in this fund, we purchase a five-year Israel Bond in the name of the Shul.  Click the image to make a donation.

The Eruv Fund

maintains The Nonantum Eruv

donate eruv 150x113 paypal DonateButton Every week, the Adams Street Shul pays to have the Nonantum Extension of the Greater Boston Eruv checked, and to have an electrician with a bucket-truck on retainer,  and to make repairs as needed.  

The Library Fund

purchases books 

donate library 150x113 paypal DonateButton When specific books are wanted to support new educational programs, or when ritual requires that worn books need repair or replacement, this fund provides them.  Click the image to make a donation.

The Tzedakah Fund

supports the needy 

donate tzedakah 150x113 paypal DonateButton Make a difference in the lives of local Jewish families when food, medicine, transportation, or other care is needed, and there are no other resources available.  Click the image to make a donation.

The Restoration Fund

maintains the historic building 

donate restoration 150x113 paypal DonateButton Being listed on the National Register of Historic Places is a great honor, but it doesn't come with any support.  This fund maintains our beautiful antique shul.  Click the image to make a donation.  

High Holiday Ruach Cantorial Fund

GuttmanZev_150x200Become a subscriber to our High Holiday Ruach Cantorial Fund.  Your monthly subscription will enable us to enhance our services by bringing a Cantor from outside the congregationto lead services on high holidays. 

Subscription Levels
I.M.O., I.H.O., or other memo:


To discuss opportunities to name any of our unnamed funds,
please contact David Jacobson at .