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Congregational Tu B'Shvat Seder Next Tuesday

2014-01-15 TuBshvat SederJoin us next Tuesday at 7:30 PM to enjoy our annual Tu B'Shevat seder, led this year by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, who will explicate complex Jewish concepts in an inspiring way. The seder will last about ninety minutes.  All are welcome.

A reservation is not absolutely required, although we would appreciate an RSVP so we make sure to have enough wine and fruit on hand.  RSVP to .

Admission is free; donations to defray the costs are welcome.  Click to make a Tu B'Shvat Seder Donation.

(Adams Street Shul events are open to all regardless of ability to pay, so if Hashem has blessed you with an ability to give more than your fair share, please give generously.) 


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Condolences to Eyal and Shenhav Cohen and Family

IsraeliFlagBaruch Dayan Emet. 

With great sadness we report that Esther and Yitzchak Cohen, the parents and in-laws of Eyal and Shenhav, and the grandparents of Tzukit, Reve, Tor, and Livnei,  were killed in an auto accident yesterday in the Shomron.  Communications of condolences to Eyal would be most welcome.

"May Hashem comfort them among the mourners for Zion and Jerusalem."

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Preparing for Tu B'Shvat

tree-02Although a seder is involved, preparing for Tu B'Shvat is not like preparing for Pesach, so you've still got plenty of time. 

See some of these online classes for inspiration, as well as two Tu B'shvat Haggaddahs you can print and use yourself:

Tu B'Shvat Seder with Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe


16 January


Shlomo Yaffe
Tu B'Shvat Seder with Rabbi David Maayan Saturday,
11 February
David Maayan

And for deeper insight into the role of trees in our Tradition:


Rabbi Weinberg on Trees



30 April



Norbert Weinberg



Video: Fifth Annual Picnic With the Trees



01 May






Video: Chassidus on Torah and Trees



03 May



David Maayan



Rebbe Nachman and the Trees



15 May



David Maayan


 Mothers Day With the Trees:
The Discipline of Your Father,
The Torah of Your Mother


12 May



Rabbi David Maayan, Rabbi Avrohom Kelman, Rabbi Norbert Weinberg


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The New Year for Trees

Image Tu B'Shevat marks the first signs of Spring in Israel.  At this time of year, trees sprout little leaves and the flower buds appear.  Tu B'Shevat is the New Year for Trees as far as our three agricultural laws regarding trees (terumah, maaser, and orlah) are concerned.  For example, Israeli fruits that began to develop before Tu B'Shevat are tithed separately from those that form after. 

fruit-01It is customary to eat fruits on Tu B'Shevat, especially those for which the Land of Israel is famous.  (Fasting is prohibited.  Tachanun is not recited).  Our Tu B'Shevat Seder celebrates the fruits of Israel with readings from the Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, and more. 

TuBShevat-221x196The Tu B'Shevat Seder expresses appreciation for the environment, and for Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel).  The special foods used as symbols at this Seder include certain fruits, nuts, and grains; plus both white and red wines. 

seder-01Although Tu B'Shevat has been a special day since Biblical times, the Tu B'Shevat Seder ritual was only begun in the 16th Century.  The Seder has always been popular among Sephardic Jews.  In recent decades it has become more widespread because of its attractive environmental and Zionist symbolism. 

Yaffe ShlomoCome celebrate Tu B'Shevat, the New Year for the Trees, at Adams Street.   This year, Tu B'Shevat begins on Tuesday evening, February 3.   Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, Chaiman of our Education Committee, will lead our seder.   Please plan to join us!  Enjoy a Tu B'Shevat Seder with interesting fruits, nuts, grain, wine and song.

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Second Annual Pre-Purim Beer-Tasting Contest & Melavah Malkah

How expert are your taste buds?  Find out on Saturday night, February 21st --- the first Saturday night of Adar --- at Greater Boston's Second Annual Pre-Purim "Drinking Contest" & Melavah Malkah! Bring your friends and meet new ones.

beer-duffYou win this contest not with quantity but with discernment.  Come to the historic Adams Street Shul and sample a diverse array of the finest kosher exotic craft beers.  Match the unlabeled samples to the bottles they came from to win bibulous prizes. 

YaffeRabbiShlomo-cropThis event is also a melavah malkah with Rabbi Norbert Weinberg and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.  There will be food-pairings and learning to go with each beer.  The event begins at 8 PM. 

Reservations are required to ensure we have enough on hand to keep your palate occupied.  Click here to make a reservation (or to make a donation to support this event).

Lchaim shot glass 001Admission is free with the new purchase of an Adams Street Shul Centennial commemorative shot glass. 

Or $10 for those who bring their own Adams Street Shul Centennial commemorative shot glasses! 

Or you may pay $14.95 to participate in the Beer-Tasting Contest & Melavah Malkah using a cheap plastic disposable cup.  Poor nebbish.

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