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Lesser, Nathan Mazel tov to Nathan Lesser and his family on his recent bar mitzvah.  His self-assured poise, both during layning and speech-making, was a source of great nachas for his parents, Sarah and Steve, and for the whole community, which has watched him grow up with satisfaction and pleasure.

FleischmannBenyomin BallGameWe are forming a committee to plan and produce special social events year round.  These might include family holiday celebrations, such as Chanuklah and Purim parties, as well as occasional congregational meals or other special gatherings.  We are especially hoping that parents of young children will come together to organize nice occasions for our children.  Please contact President Benyomin Fleischmann () if you can participate.

Due to the snowstorm, Rabbi Yaffe is unable to get back to Boston in time to conduct the seder.  And Rabbi Weinberg is still in Israel.  Se we are reluctantly canceling our congregational seder. 

DuraniAvinoam 150x200

But you can still enjoy a congregational Tu B'Shvat seder, thanks to Rabbi Durani, who has invited us to join in the seder at his shul, The Sephardic Congregation of Newton, at 556 Ward Street in Newton Centre.

Same 7:30 pm start time.  Please RSVP at the http://sephardic-newton.org website.

IsraeliFlagBaruch Dayan Emet. 

With great sadness we report that Esther and Yitzchak Cohen, the parents and in-laws of Eyal and Shenhav, and the grandparents of Tzukit, Reve, Tor, and Livnei,  were killed in an auto accident yesterday in the Shomron.  Communications of condolences to Eyal would be most welcome.

"May Hashem comfort them among the mourners for Zion and Jerusalem."

2014-01-15 TuBshvat SederJoin us next Tuesday at 7:30 PM to enjoy our annual Tu B'Shevat seder, led this year by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, who will explicate complex Jewish concepts in an inspiring way. The seder will last about ninety minutes.  All are welcome.

A reservation is not absolutely required, although we would appreciate an RSVP so we make sure to have enough wine and fruit on hand.  RSVP to .

Admission is free; donations to defray the costs are welcome.  Click to


Happy birthday, Bert Grand!

Image Tu B'Shevat marks the first signs of Spring in Israel.  At this time of year, trees sprout little leaves and the flower buds appear.  Tu B'Shevat is the New Year for Trees as far as our three agricultural laws regarding trees (terumah, maaser, and orlah) are concerned.  For example, Israeli fruits that began to develop before Tu B'Shevat are tithed separately from those that form after. 

fruit-01It is customary to eat fruits on Tu B'Shevat, especially those for which the Land of Israel is famous.  (Fasting is


With sadness we inform you of the passing of Robert L. Cohen, Reuven ben Yaakov Avigdor HaCohen V’Basha, father of Felice Whittum. 

Felice will be sitting shiva at her home, 407 Lowell Avenue, Newton. She can be reached at 617-767-1030.

Please take note of the upcoming Shiva minyan at the home of Felice and Mark Whittum, 407 Lowell Avenue, on Sunday, January 25 at 8:00 A.M. (Shacharit).

The Whittum home will also be open for Shiva visits on Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.



2014-01-15 TuBshvat SederTuesday, February 3rd, we will enjoy a Tu B'Shevat seder led by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe that will explicate complex Jewish concepts in an inspiring way. 

Last year, Rabbi Yaffe assembled a haggadah based on Rabbi Maayan's haggadah from our 2006 Seder, and augmented it with material from Neshei U'bnos Chabad.  This year, he plans to develop a new haggadah altogether.

Join us!  Save the date.  More details next week.

How expert are your taste buds?  Find out on Saturday night, February 28th --- the last Saturday night before Purim --- at Greater Boston's Second Annual Pre-Purim "Drinking Contest" & Melavah Malkah! Bring your friends and meet new ones.

beer-duffYou win this contest not with quantity but with discernment.  Come to the historic Adams Street Shul and sample a diverse array of the finest kosher exotic craft beers.  Match the unlabeled samples to the bottles they came from to win bibulous prizes. 

YaffeRabbiShlomo-cropThis event is


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