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The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

On Sunday March 30, 2014, The Adams Street Shul presented Daniel Broniatowski and Sergey Khanukaev in a special concert of chamber music for violin and piano, entitled Jewish Music from Three Continents.  

Now you can enjoy it again! 

The concert showcased classical works with Jewish themes, written by six composers, including composers in Europe, Israel, and America.

The concert included Swiss-born American Jewish composer Ernest Bloch's  Baal Shem: Three Pictures of Hassidic Life;  German composer Max Bruch's  Kol Nidre,  Israeli composer Paul Ben-Haim's Three Songs Without Words;  Russian Jewish composer Leo Zeitlin's  Eli Zion;  English Jewish composer Joseph Horovitz's  Dybbuk Melody; and Russian Jewish composer Joseph Achron's  Hebrew Melody and Dance Improvisations

BroniatowskiDaniel 2006Khanukaev with the proclamationClick either portrait for biographical information about violinist Daniel Broniatowski or pianist Sergey Khanukaev

A studio recording entitled Jewish Music from Three Continents was completed and released on CD just days before the concert, and you can order the CD online.

The concert location was Yuri's Piano Shop (at 339 Watertown Street, just around the corner from the Shul).


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