Beyond the Wall

fictional stories about how diverse people's lives were affected by their encounters with the Western Wall

Perhaps the greatest frustration of the pilgrim to the Western Wall is the difficulty of conveying the depth of feeling evoked by the encounter.  In this series of short stories, Rabbi Weinberg has succeeded in giving voice to the soul-stirring response of a number of fascinating characters who seek proximity to this ancient and sacred site.

The diverse heroes of the book represent a panorama of modern society – a young kibbutznik who doesn’t believe; the austere son of a famous mystic; Mottel, the humble Jerusalem tailor; a liberated woman executive from America … and more.   Each experience is brought to the reader with force and unpredictable surprise that renders the thread between objective reality and contrived fiction a thin one indeed.

Implicit between the lines and chapters of this delightful collection is the author’s conviction that the Wall – most sacred of Jewish shrines – is the silent and majestic witness to a venerable past, about to usher in a glorious and messianic future.

In the Footsteps

a collection of yahrzeit lectures delivered by Rabbi Weinberg in memory of his father.

The author’s goal is to present to a fundamental understanding and appreciation of many topics of contemporary Judaism, including themes such as: Israel and its implications regarding the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, the Jewish concepts of conversion, confession, marriage, prophecy and dreams, the philosophical foundations of human relations and prayer, and searching for the common denominator that marks the Jewish faith as a “beacon of light” to humanity.

This book will be of value to everyone seeking basic insight into the practical laws that define these major concepts, as well as a broader appreciation of the ultimate message of the Torah and its Jewish way of life.

The lectures, originally distributed among family and friends in pamphlet form, contain numerous allusions to the author’s parents, Dr. Seligmann and Kaethe Weinberg, who managed to bring themselves and their children to America in the 1930’s, when the clouds of the Holocaust had begun to cast shadows over Europe.

The Essential Torah

a review of the weeky Torah and Haftarah readings

Here is a volume that will serve as an indispensable aid for those who wish to acquaint themselves with the grandeur of the Bible and the teachings of the Prophets.   The author has presented in clear and concise language:

  • A faithful review of each weekly Torah reading.
  • A synopsis of each Prophetic reading.
  • A liberal selection from the classical commentaries.

Each chapter is a thorough review of the weekly Torah portion.   Great personalities emerge as human beings.  Their messages are no longer camouflaged by the “thee’s” and “thou’s” of complicated, antiquated English translations, and their thoughts and deeds serve as positive inspiration for each reader.  The Prophetic chapter that completes the Torah section of each Sabbath service is also reviewed.

The short notes from the classical commentaries demonstrate the profound meanings and implications within the biblical passages, and serve as a basis upon which readers may draw their own personal conclusions and meaningful interpretations.

The Essential Torah certainly makes no claim to being the last word in Bible study.   However, it does offer a refreshing and complete review of the Torah and should be enthusiastically received by those who desire to avail themselves of this treasury of knowledge.

A Time to Tell

autobiographical memoirs of the rabbi

As a rabbi and lecturer, Norbert Weinberg has reached many audiences with his spirited and vibrant talks.  As an author, he has taken his countless readers to exciting and inspirational parts of the world.  Now he combines both of these talents in his latest book, A TIME TO TELL, a fascinating and adventuresome chronicles of the highlights of his life.

We read of a young boy going to school in Germany just as the Holocaust begins to unfold.   With his family, he finds himself in pre-WWII London en route to America.   Dressed in knickers and European garb, he braves the American schools with a poor command of the language.   He is urged to participate in leading a Passover Seder, but can’t get past the word “distinguished.”

Determined to overcome all obstacles, he achieves ordination as a rabbi, and a number of academic degrees.  In his new career, he meets personages such as Senator Edward Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, Senator Hubert Humphrey and others.  At one point, he is invited to open the House of Representatives with an invocation.

In a humorous vein, he recounts how a brooding Christian portrait of over his bed in a Quebec City boarding house stares down at him as he is trying to fall asleep.

As his family grows by leaps and bounds, he takes numerous trips to Israel, where a number of his children have made their home.  His observations of the hopes and dreams of peace in the Middle East are truly inspirational.

Delightful experiences and current issues make this book a page-turner.   The poignant warmth of this book should ignite the heart of every reader.

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