The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

satellite photo of IsraelDear Congregants and Friends,

I have just returned from Israel, where I went primarily to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of my grandson, Yonatan.  Needless to say, it was wonderful.  Here are some of the main issues in Israel right now:

Apple In Honey for Rosh HaShanahA man was driving on a lonely road when he realized that he was hopelessly lost. There were no pedestrians or gas stations, and he began to have serious concerns that he would never reach his destination.

Then a thought struck him: he had a cell phone. He would call the person who had invited him and was waiting for him. Surely, his friend would know the way.

“Where are you?” his friend asked him.

“What does that matter? I need to know where I am going.”

Jews praying at the Western WallDear Congregants and Friends,

I just received the e-mail reprinted below from my-son-in law, Zalman, from Efrat. As you will read, my grandson, Tzviki (known only as Tzvi in the army!) just received his purple beret. While this is, of course, a reason for personal nachat for me, I immediately felt the need to share this letter with you. On Tisha B-Av we mourn the horrors which were perpetrated against us in the nations of our dispersal for thousands of years. Now, finally, things have changed. Our people is living in a sovereign nation, defended by our own sons and daughters.

Tziki’s experiences bear this out in the most personal way.

Praying at the Wall As the plane approached the shoreline of Tel Aviv/Yaffo, the pull of the “magnet” was clearly felt.  The excitement rose as we touched ground and were surrounded by people clapping, hugging and shedding tears of joyful reunion in the beautiful new Ben Gurion airport.