The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

Passover SederWith all the work and preparation going on for Pesach, it might seem a little scary to state that there are actually three Passovers in our tradition.  Nevertheless, it is true and here they are.

THE PESACH OF EGYPT – This happened only once.  It took place in that fateful and defining period when we left Egypt amid the greatest miracles the world has ever seen.

Exodus from Egypt PESACH OF THE GENERATIONS – This is the annual celebration of those great moments in our history which we observe each year with the Seder and the general commemoration of those events.

THE PESACH OF THE FUTURE – The moment of our Total Redemption which we believe will occur in the month of Nisan or on Pesach itself.  Our tradition teaches that so great will this redemption be that, by contrast, the Exodus from Egypt will just be a footnote.

Matzah I would like to suggest that we do not have to look at these three Passovers as separate entities. We can combine them into dimensions which will always fashion our lives and thoughts.

First, we must never cut ourselves off from our history and tradition.  As the Haggadah teaches, we should feel as if we ourselves were redeemed personally from bondage. 

But living in the past is not enough. Every generation must make its own contribution and that is what we do each day and year of our lives. 

Crossing the Red SeaFinally, we must always look to the future in eager anticipation of the Great Day of Redemption which has been promised to us.  By being part of our past and forging a better present, may we be the instruments to speedily bring the day when we will all celebrate the Pesach of the Future!


  --- Rabbi Norbert Weinberg