The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

Isreali FlagsThose of us who still live outside of Israel cannot begin to feel the excitement, joy and inspiration which are annually experienced by the yishuv, by the Israeli population.  Special services are conducted in synagogues throughout the country, and all schools and businesses are closed.  Israeli flags flap on cars, and barbecues are the order of the day.

I am well aware of the contrast between here and Israel because I have had the privilege of spending a number of Independence Days there.  That is not to say that efforts are not made by us to celebrate this annual joyous occasion.  There are special programs, and some prayers are added at synagogue services.

The GolanTo me, it seems crucial that we make special efforts to appreciate and spiritually absorb the momentous events that are transpiring in our Holy Land.  The Jews of Israel do not have to make that great an effort.  They are living the miracles.  They see the desert blooming, the cities growing, and the Ingathering of the Exiles from around the world.  We only hear and read about it.

Yet, we are an integral part of the total Jewish people.  We must not spare any effort to come ever closer to Israel and afford it every help and support humanely possible.  I was shocked when I heard what a small percentage of the American Jewish community had actually visited Israel.  The Western Wall of the Temple Mount We must also see to it that our children and grandchildren spend time in Israeli schools and camps.  There is so much we can do.  Not a single opportunity should remain undone.

Let us make no mistake about it:  Our future is directly dependent upon the success, progress and growth of Israel.  The very seeds of our security and salvation are in that blessed land.  I feel that G-d is testing us... that he is leaving the success of Israel in our hands.  Dare we fail?   I think not.


  --- Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

Satellite Photo of Israel