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I received the following note from Leila Gerstain of Newton STAND about the tragedy in Sudan.  We must all do our part.

"Justice, justice you shall pursue... Deut. 16:20

To the Jewish Community of Greater Boston,

My name is Leila Gerstein, and I write to you as a representative from Newton STAND, a student anti-genocide coalition. We have teamed up with all the STAND chapters in and around Boston, as well as The Mass Coalition to Save Darfur, to organize what is expected to be the largest event for Darfur in New England to date.

This will take place at 1:00PM in the Boston Common on April 29 and will consist of three major parts- a Die-In, Rally, and March, all focusing on Divestment (including statewide divestment in Massachusetts, divestment from Fidelity, and personal divestment from all companies that do business in Sudan). This event is intended not only to raise awareness and educate the general public, but also to take substantial action in hopes that it will lead to the end of the genocide in Darfur.

The facts are painful. In just four years, the Sudanese government and the government-sponsored Janjaweed have slaughtered over 450,000 innocent lives, many being children. At this rate, one Darfurian continues to die every five minutes. Over 3.5 million others have been displaced from their homes, forced into refugee camps where the constant danger and lack of food remain widespread. The Janjaweed have brutally raped thousands of women, leaving them mentally and physically scarred for life.

As human beings and as Jews, we cannot sit by as thousands of people die at the hands of injustice. We ask your congregation to participate in our event and  show the world that as human beings and as Jews, we refuse to succumb to the apathy that perpetuates the destruction in Darfur. As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [wo]men do nothing."
Please join us in taking a stand for those who have been forced to the ground. Be the voice for those who have been silenced. We cannot stay quiet while the century's first genocide, the world's worst humanitarian crisis, rages on.

Again, this event will be taking place on Sunday, April 29th at the Boston Common Gazebo at 1:00PM. We intentionally planned the event to start at this time in order to allow for religious organizations to be able to participate after their weekly services or meetings.

We will first rally and unite our spirits with music, poetry, and speeches. We will then lie down in complete silence for a period of five minutes, symbolizing the amount of time any one Darfurian has to formulate his last thoughts. This part of the event will create a strong and moving visual, giving onlookers a real sense as to just how many 450,000 is. We will then rise together and march in solidarity to Fidelity's Corporate Headquarters to call on the company to withdraw all their investments from Sudanese based companies, as Fidelity is the largest corporate investor in the United States.

Please encourage your congregation, as well as your family and friends, to come and take a stand to end the genocide. We are asking that all participants wear white, to symbolize the international color of peace. There will be many notable speakers, including Rev. Gloria White Hammond and Rabbi Or. Over 2,000 people are expected to join thus far.

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon,
Leila Gerstein- Newton STAND
for any questions, please call:  (617) 894-9662

"How can a citizen of a free country not pay attention? How can anyone, anywhere not feel outraged? How can a person, whether religious or secular, not be moved by compassion? And above all, how can anyone who remembers remain silent?

As a Jew who does not compare any event to the Holocaust, I feel concerned and challenged by the Sudanese tragedy. We must be involved. How can we reproach the indifference of non-Jews to Jewish suffering if we remain indifferent to another people's plight?"

- Ellie Wiesel"

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