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Vayishlach Message From Rabbi Weinberg

This is Rabbi Norbert Weinberg's first video.  In it, he explains his teacher Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's lessons about Yaakov wrestling through the night with the "Ish." 


Siyum on Chagiga

Siyum on
Mashechet Chagiga,
Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

(29 minutes; MP3 audio file: 8 MB)

Topics Covered:

  •  First Adar versus Second Adar
  •  Taanis Esther
        in relation to other Fast Days
  •  Shabbat Zachor: Remembering Amalek
  •  The Four Mitzvot of Purim:
        Hearing the Megillah
        Matanot Levyonim (charity)
        Mishloach Manot (gift-giving)
        The Purim Seudah
  •  No Hallel: Purim vs. Chanukah
  •  Public Displays of Mourning
  •  Reading the Megillah
  •  The Seudah (Festive Meal)



Rabbi Weinberg's remarks were delivered on Tuesday evening, May 29, 2007.

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