From 1992 to 2008, we published a monthly newsletter, now replaced by our weekly email bulletin.  Each of the old issues of the paper newsletter is described below.  Click the issue number to read the newsletter: 


vol. 01 #01 (1987)   1987   Monthly Sabbath services resume after a hiatus of many years.  Newton Historical Society mounts exhibit about the Shul.  First membership meeting in many years.  American Indian Wardance Organization works on the Shul.  Friends of the Adams Street Shul makes headway.  Tribute to Elmer Lippin.  New shul artwork, logo, stationary.   Tali Cheses born.
vol. 01 #01 (1992)   Sep-Oct 1992   Weekly Sabbath services resume after a hiatus of many years.
vol. 01 #02   Nov-Dec 1992   The Shul library is founded with a modest beginning.  First Annual Sukkah-Raising takes place.


vol. 01 #03   Jan-Feb 1993   Rabbi Gurkow joins the Shul, begins classes.  First newsletter issue to also have a Russian edition.
vol. 01 #03R   Jan-Feb 1993 in Russian   The same content as the English edition, but in Russian.
vol. 01 #04   Mar-Apr 1993   Seders organized for New Americans in members' homes. 
vol. 01 #05   May-Jun 1993   The Bureau of Jewish Educaton gives Keter Torah Award to Adams Street.  Antique siddurim replaced with Art Scroll. 
vol. 01 #06   Jul-Aug 1993   The Temple's not restored yet, but Tisha B'Av services are restored after a hiatus of many years.  Children's Theater Workshop begins.
vol. 02 #01   Sep-Oct 1993   Tashlich renewed after hiatus of many years.  Third Meal & Shabbat Mincha restored after hiatus of many years.  Shlomo Carlebach event.
vol. 02 #02   Nov-Dec 1993   Tenth of Tevet observed.  81st Annual Chanukah Party.  Clothing, prayer books, and medical supplies shipped to Cherkassy (Ukraine).
calendar   Nov-Dec 1993   Calendar Insert


vol. 02 #03   Jan-Feb 1994   Congregational Tu B'Shvat Seder.  Siddur class begins.  Purim Party. Participation in Family Table food program.  Free tax help.
vol. 02 #04   Mar-Apr 1994   First congregational Pesach Seder at the Shul.  Shul Chess Club competes for State Championship. 
vol. 02 #05      

 Missing in our archives.  If you have a copy, can you loan it for imaging? (Contact )

vol. 02 #06      

Missing in our archives.  If you have a copy, can you loan it for imaging? (Contact )

vol. 03 #01    Oct 1994  

Printed with no issue number nor date.  Chanukah in Thanksgiving.  Jewish Book Fair to Benefit Shul.  Heritage Shabbat.  Annual Chanukah Party. Sunday Breakfasts Restored.  Selichot Restored.  David Kaufman on "Synagogue Architecture."

vol. 03 #02   Nov-Dec 1994   New kitchen and bathrooms ready.  Jewish Book Fair.  Sunday Breakfast Series.  Chanukah Party.  Heritage Shabbat planning.


vol. 03 #03   Jan 1995   Second Annual Tu B'Shvat Seder.  Shul holds first elections in decades, and new By-Laws to replace those of 1933. 
vol. 03 #04   Feb 1995   Purim Shiur.  The Swartz-Shoolman Foyer is named.  Election results.
vol. 03 #05   Mar 1995   Temporary mechitza added to the first floor.  CJP includes Adams Street among the 18 shuls selected to bear its historical marker.
vol. 03 #06   Apr 1995   Luncheon in honor of Bert Grand to build Endowment Fund.  Second annual congregatioanl Seder will be Seders, on both nights this year. 
vol. 03 #07   May 1995   Lag B'Omer picnic and barbeque.  Heritage Shabbat program begins.  Eruv Committee begins planning an eruv.
vol. 03 #08   Jun 1995   First Annual Shabbaton, featuring Rabbi Joseph Polak and Kol Tefilah.  First Annual Meeting of the Membership. [PDF]
vol. 03 #09   Jul-Aug 1995   Tisha B'Av.  Fund Raisng Dinner in honor of Bert Grand announced.  Review of Shabbaton and Annual Meeting. 
vol. 03 #10   Sep 1995   New Member Open House.  CJP Plaque Celebration.  High Holiday and Sukkah-Raising Party plans.  Fourth Heritage Shabbat,
vol. 04 #01   Nov 1995   Children's Shabbat Program begins.  First Family Erev Shira event.  Academic Lecture Series. 
vol. 04 #02 (Dec)   Dec 1995   Chanukah Party.  Lessons in Tanya class begins.  Jewish Film Series begins.  South African Choir's first Adams Street appearance. [PDF]


vol. 04 #02 (Feb)   Feb 1996   [Erroneously labeled Vol.4 No.2.]  Annual Tu B'Shvat Seder.  Arachim lectures.  Other news about ongoing Shul programs.
vol. 04 #03   Mar 1996   Kreplach Recipe.  Dr. Ravid's lecture summarized.  Kollel classes on Mitzvot begin at the Shul.  Purim Party.  Pre-Pesach class.
vol.04 #04   Special Purim Issue   Special Parody Issue.  Distributed at the Purim Party, probably not mailed.
vol. 04 #05   Apr-May 1996   Second Annual Lag B'Omer Picnic and Barbecue.  Moshe Waldoks visit.  Dr. John Townsend lecture.  Children's Shabbat.
vol. 04 #06   Jun 1996   Holocaust Remembrance Service with Gregor Shelkan.  Rabbi Benjamin Samuels's Shiur.  Candidates' statements for Elections.
vol. 04 #07   Jul-Aug 1996   Tisha B'Av.  Heritage Shabbat.  Children's Shabbat.  Election results.  In memorium: Gerald M. Swartz.
vol. 04 #08   Sep 1996   Shul engages Rabbi Joseph Polak as "Rabbinic Consultant," our first paid staff of any kind in the Shul's history.  New sukkah.  New classes.
vol. 05 #01   Nov 1996   New lecture series begins.  Chanukah Party.  ESL class resumes.  Daffodil planting.  Doron Cheses born.
vol. 05 #02   Dec 1996   Rabbi Polak's monthly shiur.  Chanukah Party.  Children's Shabbat.  Heritage Chanukah.  Rabbi Gurkow's Feminine Side.  Book Notes.
vol. 05 #02   Dec 1996   Heritage Edition (for the residents of The Heritage at Vernon Court, an assisted living facility).


vol. 05 #03   Jan 1997   Gilfix-Galpern Flower Fund established.  Family Erev Shirah.  Tu B'Shvat.  Academic lectures.  Heritage event reviewed.  [PDF]
vol. 05 #04   Feb 1997   Shiurim by Rabbi Joseph Polak and Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok.  Academic lectures by Dr. Jon Levinson and Rabbi Samuel Chiel.
vol. 05 #05   Mar 1997   First Annual Chess Tournament.  South African Choir's second visit.  Purim!  Manis Alpert Library done. R.' Polak available to members.
vol. 05 #06   May 1997   Torah Breakfast.  Third Annual Shabbaton. Annual Lab B'Omer Picnic.  Annual Electons. 
vol. 05 #07   Sep 1997   Sukkah Raising Party.  The Shul's first Melavah Malkah in modern memory.  Babysitting at services.  High Holiday Schedule.
vol. 06 #01   Nov 1997   Chanukah Party.  Lectures and shiurim: Dr. Michael Grodin and Rabbi Joseph Polak.  Erev Shirah. 
vol. 06 #02   Dec 1997   Lectures by Dr. David Kazhdan.  Shiur by Rabbi Polak.  The Imported Bridegroom.  Book notes and Heritage news. [PDF]


vol. 06 #03   Jan 1998   Flyer & Calendar of upcoming events.
vol. 06 #04   Feb 1998   Melavah Malkah.  Purim Party.  Adult Education Lectures.  Kollel classes at the Shul.  [PDF]
vol. 06 #05   Mar 1998   Members asked to support our construction of an eruv.  Purim.  Chess Tournament.  Pre-Pesach classes. [PDF]
vol. 06 #06   Apr 1998   Third Annual Shabbaton.  Dr. Meir Sendor on Jewish Meditation.  Passover schedule.  First Shul Website.  Chess Winners.
vol. 07 #01   Sep 1998   High Holiday articles.  Election results.  Open House.  Can a Killer Cohen Duchan?
vol. 07 #02   Oct 1998   The Nonantum Eruv goes up!  Flower arranging class.  Rabbi Burton begins weekly class.  Nachas Notes. 
vol. 07 #03   Nov 1998   Chanukah Party.  Torah Study Breakfast.  History Talk.  Eruv used for Sarah Melanie Drapkin baby-naming. [PDF]
vol. 07 #04   Dec 1998   Chanukah Party.  New Members Kiddush.  Hebrew Class.  Torah Class.  Rabbi Polak Shiur.


vol. 07 #05   Jan 1999   Strategic Planning Meetings.  Hebrew Classes & Rabbi Polak Shiur.  Chanukah Party Reviewed.
vol. 07 #06   Feb 1999   Lecture: Educating Each Child.  Russian Lecture Series.  Heritage Services.  Torah Classes. 
vol. 07 #07   Mar 1999   Purim plans.  Chess Tournament.  Hebrew Class. 
vol. 07 #06A   Apr 1999   Probeh weekend of Rabbi Eliezer Y. Kreisser.
vol. 07 #08   Apr 1999   Pesach Plans.  Conversational Yiddush Group Begins.  Holocaust Lecture.  Chess Tournament Results.
vol. 07 #09   May 1999   Lag B'Omer Barbeque.  Shabbaton with Rabbi Polak & Simchas.  Shavuos events.  Annual Meeting & Proposed By-Laws Changes.  Heritage Shabbat & Kollel Class at Adams Street.
vol. 07 #10   Jun 1999   Annual meeting.  Rabbi Gurkow's introduction.  Nachas notes.
special edition   July 1999   Special Tisha B'av edition.
vol. 07 #11   Summer 1999   Summer Lecture Series.  Annual Meeting Results.  Hebrew Class. 
vol. 08 #01   Sep-Oct 1999   High Holiday Articles.  Sukkot Articles.  Upcoming classes: mitzvot, ESL, Torah portion, Hebrew, etc.  Babysitting. 
vol. 08 #02   Nov 1999   Monthly Women's Night Out begins.  Children's Shabbat Service.  Weekly Torah class.  Synagogue Council meets at the Shul.
vol. 08 #03   Dec 1999   Colonel Ram Shmueli on "Israel and its Connection to the Bible."  Chanukah plans.  Hebrew reading class, and Hebrew discussion group. 


vol. 08 #04   Jan 2000   God and Feminism.  Breakfast with Rabbi Joseph Polak.  Dance Midrash on "The Song of Miriam."  Ira Axelrod on relationships. 
vol. 08 #05   Feb 2000   Congregational Shabbat Dinner.  Purim Plans. Fishel Bresler Performance.  Women's Programs. 
vol. 08 #06   Mar 2000   Fourth Annual Chess Tournament.  Historical Tour.  Minyan Notices.  Purim Party.  Classes. 
vol. 08 #07   Apr 2000   Pre-Pesach Classes and Workshops.  Chess results.  Women's Night Out.  Passover Guide.
vol. 08 #08   May 2000   Russian Jewry in Israel.  Yom HaShoah presentation by Dr. Hedda Rev-Kury.  Sunday morning Talmud class begins.  Lag BaOmer cookout upcoming.
vol. 08 #09   Jun 2000   Shavuos and ice cream event upcoming.  Sunday morning minyans resumed.  Annual meeting upcoming, includes: By-Laws Article XI to be added re: Endowment Funds; and Authorization to hire Rabbi Gurkow.  Absentee Ballot included. 
vol. 09 #01   Sep 2000   High Holiday babysitting. Lulav and etrog sale.  Pedaling for the Hungry.  Rabbi Gurkow to be installed at October 28th luncheon.
vol. 09 #02   Oct 2000   Kapparot at Adams Street.  Simchat Torah parade along Adams Street.  Sukkah Building & Decorating Party.
vol. 09 #3   Nov-Dec 2000   Missing in our archive.  Please email if you have a copy we can scan.


vol. 09 #04   Jan-Feb 2001    Shabbat Dinner.  Chanukah Raffle review.  Help save lives in Israel.  Women's Night Out.
vol. 09 #05   Mar 2001    Fifth Annual Chess Tournament.  Purim plans.
vol. 09 #06   April 2001   Passover Guide.  Women's Night Out:  The Book of Ruth.  Honoring Al Kalman. 
vol. 09 #07   May
  Treasurer Al Kalman honored.  The Shul in a Volkswagon ad.  Notice of annual meeting and the slate of candidates and the nomination process.  New newsletter designer.  Communal Pesach Seder recap.  Classes in challah baking and in flower arranging.   Shavuot festivities upcoming.  Seasonal changes in services times.  Yom Hashoah recap.
vol. 09 #08   June 2001   Bike-a-thon for MS.  Shavuot festivities.  New updated shul website unveiled.  Alpert Torah Fund established.  Aryeh Cheses replaces Len Berman as President.  Women's Study Group.
vol. 09 #09   Summer 2001   The Three Weeks.  Lag B'Omer Barbecue.  Annual Elections: Aryeh Cheses & Barry Cohen, new Pres. & VP.   Open House.
vol. 10 #01   Sep 2001   Gedaliah Fleer,  Sukkah-Building Party,  Kapparot,  New Board Members,  Holiday Guides, etc.
vol. 10 #02   Nov
  Response to the September 11, 2001 attack.  Summer Barbecue photos.  Remembering Sam Pass.  Don Feder on "Is Islam a Threat to the West?" 
vol. 10 #03   Dec 2001   Mr./Ms. Fix-It Workshop.  Melavah Malkah.  Chanukah Party.  Kiddush i.h.o. Len Berman.  Women's Night Out.  New Editor.


vol. 10 #04   Jan 2002   Rabbi Polak on "When Poles Killed Jews."  Women's Night Out: Shifra, Puah, and the Significance of Jewsh Midwives."  Al Landsman's Mr. Fix-It Workshop.  Community Shabbat Dinner.  Chanukah Party photos.  Tu B'Shvat upcoming and recipes.
vol. 10 #05   Feb 2002   Workshops on Prayer.  Purim Party.  Congregational Shabbat Dinner.  Optional email delivery of newsletter begins.
vol. 10 #06   Mar 2002   In memorium: Cantor Beryl Barron.  Pesach Guide.  An Israel Adventure.  Rabbi Naftoly Bier Lecture Series.
vol. 10 #07   Apr 2002   Yom Ha-Atzmaut.  Holocaust Presentation.  Chess Tournament.  The Power of Prayer.  Kollel series on Prophesy. [PDF]
vol. 10 #08   May 2002   Shavuot Ice Cream Party.  Rabbi Nehemia Polen lecture.  Shabbat afternoon study program begins.  Annual Elections.
vol. 10 #09   Jun-Jul
  Nechemia Polen on Chasidic Prayer.  Ariel Bar Tzadok on Prophecy.  Rabbi Gurkow on Tisha B'Av.  Shabbat afternoon mishnah Eruvin study.  Aviva Cheses's Jerusalem Diary.
vol. 11 #01   Aug-Sep 2002   End-of-Summer Barbecue.  High Holiday class & schedules.  Melavah Malkah.  Sukkot Party.  In memorium: Dr. Laszlo Tauber.
vol. 11 #02   Oct-Nov 2002   Melavah Malkah.  Weekly Parsha HaShavua class with Rabbi Beryl Kellemer begins.  Baruch Cohen teaches Read Hebrew America. 
vol. 11 #03   Dec 2002   Unity Mission to New York.  Melavah Malkah.  Chanukah articles.  Women's Night Out.


vol. 11 #04   Jan 2003   The Shul's 90th Birthday!  Chanukah Party.  Lectures.  The New Year for Trees.
vol. 11 #05   Feb 2003   Congregational Shabbat Dinner.  Schedule of classes, lectures, and other events.
vol. 11 #06   Mar 2003   Purim Party.  Chess Tournament.  Matanot L'Evyonim.  A Visit to Pacie Milman.  Presentation at Golda Meir House.
vol. 11 #07   Apr 2003   Pesach Preparations.  Yom HaShoah Lecture.  Letters from Julia Carmel and Baruch Cohen.  Chess Winners.  Cantor Barron Plaque.
vol. 11 #08   May-Jun  2003   In memorium: Albert Kalman, Joseph Krasik.  Shavuos Preparations.  Lectures.  Annual Meeting.  Shul's 90th Anniversary Celebration.
vol. 11 #09   Jul-Aug 2003   The Three Weeks.  Visiting Jerusalem.  Birth of the Gurkow Twins.  A Letter From Israel. [PDF]
vol. 11 #10   Sep 2003   Selichot.  High Holiday articles.  Lulav & Etrog Sales.  Sukkot Party.  Classes. 
vol. 12 #01   Nov-Dec 2003   Motzei Shabbat at the Movies.  Chanukah Party & Auction.  Hakarat HaTov.


vol. 12 #02   Jan 2004   Chanukah Party Revisited.  Eruv Sponsorship Program.  Congregational Shabbat Dinner.
vol. 12 #03   Mar 2004   Purim Party.  Adult Educaton Lectures.  Chess Tournament.  Matanot L'Evyonim.
vol. 12 #04   Apr 2004    Passover Guide.  Yom HaShoah Program.  Kiddush i.m.o. Al Kalman.  Election Meeting.
vol. 12 #05   Sep 2004    High Holiday Programs.  Halachik Man Reviewed.  Rabbinic Candidates Visit.  Kapparot.  Election Results.  Sukkot Events.
vol. 13 #01   Oct 2004   Melavah Malkah with Rabbis Gedalia Fleer and Nehema Polen.  Chetwynde Nursng Home Program.   Lectures.
vol. 13 #02   Nov 2004   Shabbat Events Honoring the Gurkow Family.  Keter Restored.  Latke Recipe.  Chanukah Party.  Rabbi Wenberg Auditions!


vol. 13 #03   Feb 2005   High Holidays issue.  Sukkah Raising Party.
Pesach 2005   Apr 2005   Special Unnumbered Pesach Issue.  Rabbi Arel Burger shiur.  Dr. Michlic gives Holocaust lecture.  Shabbat s Erev Pesach!
Oct 2005   Oct 2005   Three year growth grant begins:  Rabbi Weinberg's first column.  First outsourced issue.  Professional publicist sought, 6 hrs. per week. 
Nov 2005   Nov 2005   Rabbi Weinberg's Installation.  Congregational Shabbat Lunch.  New classes beginning.  Phone-a-thon.  High Holidays revisited. [hi res]
Dec 2005   Dec 2005   Kol Adam formed.  Adult Education classes.  Rabbi's Installation revisited.  Chanukah Party on New Years Eve.


Jan 2006   Jan 2006   The Cantor Family arrives.  Administrative Assistant sought for 6 hrs per week.  Bagels & Books.  Email Etiquette.
Feb 2006   Feb 2006   Member news.  Educational classes.  Volunteer solicitations.
Mar 2006   Mar 2006   Megillah Reading & Purim Party.  Doron Cheses profile.  Sefer HaChinuch class. Lecture on the Israeli Political Scene.
Apr 2006   Apr 2006   Pesach issue.  Congregational Seder.  Communal Yom HaShoah Commemoration.  Purim Chetwynde visit.
May 2006   May 2006   Pesach revisited.  Rabb Maayan Shavuot lecture.  Books and Bagels.
Jun 2006   Jun 2006   Annual meeting.  Chess tournament results.  Adult education schedule.
Jul 2006   Jul 2006   Rabbi Durani mazal tov.  New President Ronny Drapkin's first column. 
Aug 2006   Aug 2006   Cantor Gutwein comes to Adams Street.  Chesed Commttee formed.  Grand Family Kiddush Fund established.  Tisha B'Av.
Sep 2006   Sep 2006   Rabbinic Endowment Fund establshed.  Congregational Family News.  High Holiday plans.  Second Annual Sukkah Hop.
Nov 2006   Nov 2006   Shul honors Vivienne Kalman & Saul Aronow.  Melavah Malkah with Gedalia Fleer.  Simchas Torah revisited.
Dec 2006   Dec 2006   Chanukah plans.  Shabbaton wth Dr. Elie Holzer.  Experiment with early Shabbat mincha schedule.  Synagogue Council Tours.


Jan 2007   Jan 2007   Community Shabbat Dinner.  The Tenth of Tevet.  Erev Shira.  Chanukah revisited.
Feb 2007   Feb 2007   Tu B'Shvat Seder with Rabbi David Maayan.  Early Shabbat mincha ends, Seudah Shlshit resumes.  Chetwynde visit.
Mar 2007   Mar 2007   Purim Party.  Chess Tournament.  Movie Night.  Adult Education.  Community Notes.
Apr 2007   Apr 2007   Pesach issue.  Adult education programs.  Purim and chess events revisited.  Community Notes.
May 2007   May 2007   Shavuous.  First Annual Picnic With the Trees.  Israel Independence Day.  Adult education schedule.  Annual Meeting notice.
Jul 2007   Jul 2007   Tisha B'Av schedule.  Annual Meeting revisited.  Newton's 'South African Choir' visits.  Presdent's 'State of the Shul' address.
Sep 2007   Sep 2007   High Holiday issue.  Office Manager hired.  Reception in honor of Lockie Milner.  Sukkah Hop.  Torah Tours returns.  Selichot Shiur.
Nov 2007   Nov 2007   Chanukah issue.  Melavah Malkah with Rabbi Fleer.  Kids Ride for Cancer Research.  New members.  Adult education classes.
Dec 2007   Dec 2007   Chanukah Party.  Visit to Chetwynde Nursing Home.  Early Shabbat mincha begins.  Community News.


Jan 2008   Jan 2008   Congregational Shabbat Dinner.  Chanukah revisited.  Tenth of Tevet.  Telling Time.  Volunteer Spotlight: Sybil Binder. Erev Shira.
Mar 2008   Mar 2008   Purim Party.  Chess Tournament.  Adult education classes; and lecture on Sam Katz.  Three shul babies born on same day!
Apr 2008   Apr 2008   Pesach issue.  Torah Initiative for Women.  Communty News.  Annual Meeting Notice.  Purim and Chess Tournaments revisited. 
May 2008   May 2008   Shavuos issue.  Newsletter to switch to email only, beginning with October issue.  Lecture on Sam Katz revisited.